Meet Doug Clark

“I have been a woodworker since I was a child. Working with wood has allowed me to express my artistic desire. And I have always believed that all woods are exotic, any type of wood is absolutely beautiful. I also have a love for arches or curves, so I guess this is why I enjoy making bowls.”

“My inspiration for bowl-making stems from a mill-owner’s reaction to my first butternut bowl crafted from his planks. The man tenderly embraced his bowl, sat down upon the ground, and cried tears of amazement. Realizing my art could bring such joyful satisfaction caused me to push my expertise and tools to the limit, to stretch my imagination and to risk making incredibly thin bowls. It is my challenge to bring forth the solid uniqueness of every block of wood. Each glued segment, contributes to design. In another timeless space, my hands grasp the cutting tool.

As the lathe spins, a new creation evolves. Like those of a potter, my hands assist in molding each block of valued wood. It speaks to me and guides my cut. I must focus on safety as the lathe turns at high speeds. New form comes to life. The tantalizing wood aroma and my sense of touch increase. Whether by skill, chance or divine design, the bowl is now ready to behold and to be held. I dedicate my talent to this end.”

– Doug Clark

Master Craftsman Doug Clark

About Doug Clark

Doug Clark is the business name used by none other than Doug Clark, woodworker. Trained as a custom woodworker and cabinetmaker, Doug’s career spans over forty years and includes expertise in innovative problem solving for challenges in architectural design as well as antique restoration. Turning bowls is a natural outpouring of his devotion to creating artwork that is both beautiful and useful. Doug uses a multiple laminate process technique for every bowl, which began because of a desire to save high quality woods from being thrown away. Many of his turned wood bowls and wood knitting bowls are now in private collections. His work has sold at various shows in Connecticut, distributed through Vermont and New Hampshire Craft Galleries, as well as Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, Vancouver, BC, Washington State, Japan, and England. Doug owns and operates the Doug Clark studio in Poulsbo, Washington.